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I have had this blog since 2002 when Dave Winer introduced me to the concept.

Now, on occasion, I write substantial thought essays that I want to distribute to friends and followers. They tend to be too long for TechCrunch and not appropriate for the blog format, although length is not the goal.

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The most recent essay is “Zuck, What the F$#k! — Rebuttal — a follow up”. It responds to some of the discussion around chat.center and Facebook Messenger. It is here.

The third essay is “Zuck, What the F$#k!”. It is a tongue in cheek examination of FaceBook Messenger’s plagiarism of chat.center. It is here.

The second essay is “Mobile is from Mars, Facebook is from Venus and WhatsApp is Ephemeral. It is here.

The first essay is was called “This is not Silicon Valley” – it is here.

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